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Monday, February 6, 2012

In the words of Charlie Sheen...WINNING!

Do you ever get the feeling that anything is possible?  It’s been a long time since I felt like that but for the last week, I can’t help but embrace the idea.  Tuesday, January 31st I received a call that changed my life.  I won a month at Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort in Malibu, California.  I have battled weight issues all my life.  I am down 90 pounds from my heaviest when I moved back from LA.  I still have 50-60 pounds to lose until I hit my goal weight.  I’m still in complete shock that I won.  I think about it all day long and can’t help but smile.  What a blessing and a dream come true.  The possibilities while I’m at the resort are endless.  I know I will learn so much!  And I realized, if I lose 63 more pounds, I will have lost HALF of myself!  50%!  Before, that number would’ve seemed daunting and out of reach.  Now, it seems like a wonderful goal and I know I can do it.  I believe again.  And I’m so excited and happy.  I have had many blessings in my journey to a healthier Lyndee but winning this contest is the first time in a long time that I have really believed that I earned it.  That I deserve something so amazing.  I am going to take full advantage of this gift and make sure to pay it forward.  If I can help motivate someone else, then I am "winning" in so many ways. 

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