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Friday, January 4, 2013

What is this phenomenon?

Scott gave Molly and I a challenge last Thursday at training.  After many weeks without losses on the scale, he decided that every time something went into our mouth we had to email it to him.  Every time.  Even gum, tic tacs (of which I am addicted) and beverages except water.  We also had to send him pictures of ourselves doing each workout.  We were instructed to do this Thursday at 4 pm until 6 pm on Monday.  Then we were free to enjoy our New Years Eve.  I found this weird thing during those 4 days, I believe they call it...ACCOUNTABILITY!! It’s quite the concept.  Having to report everything to him made me very conscious of what I was consuming.  I was also focused on upping my protein and cutting carbs. I did this, stayed within my daily calories and also found that every time I sent something to Scott, I logged it on as well.  Crazy, huh?

At weigh in yesterday I lost 2 pounds.  Molly lost as well.  This may be the first time we’ve both lost in the same week for months.  I’ve been on this terrible cycle of maintaining or up a pound or two for weeks.  There have been no losses, which is why I haven’t been writing on here much because I was feeling pretty crappy about gaining back some weight and not being committed. 

We are extending this philosophy this week and going to continue emailing him every morsel that touches our tongue.  I’ve been logging as well.  Working on my cardio so that I can be step leader on fitbit (I’m always chasing the incredible Ms. T.M) and really trying to watch my carbs.  Hopefully it will continue to pay off on the scale and I can get back to where I was when I returned from Biggest Loser and felt so amazing.  I’m also weighing in with my sister every Friday morning and continuing to prepare for my 2013 year of races.  The first 5k is January 26th.  It will be here before I know it!! 

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