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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our mantra

There’s a little saying in our house that my father always used, “Go big or go home”.  We are a competitive bunch.  But we don’t just use this phrase when it comes to card games and playing bags or sporting events.  It’s a common theme in our lives.  When I saw this on Pinterest, it made me think of my family.  It also made me think of workouts.

Maybe your Monday wasn’t awesome. Maybe you need a little Tuesday spark. An attitude adjustment.  The will to go all four quarters.  Read the above again.  You always have a choice.  In workouts, life, love, career…you can give up, give in or give it all you got. And if you’re not giving it all you got, then why are you doing it at all?  Stop wasting your time and everyone else’s.  I realize this is easier said than done some days.  But humor me and play by the 80/20 rule, for just ONE WEEK.  Give it all you’ve got for one week.  Seven days.  A mere 168 hours. If you can give all you’ve got 80% of the time for one week, you may be astounded by the changes you feel physically and mentally in any area of your life you apply this too.  And the feeling you get from doing that, may just carry over into week 2 and month 4 and 1 year down the road.  Imagine the changes and positive impact this could bring.  If you’re not willing to commit to a week then just give it one damn day.  But you don’t get to play 80/20 if you just do a day. Give every single fiber of your being for one full day and see what happens.  See how you feel when you lay down to sleep that night.  Accomplished? Proud? Maybe a bit exhausted, but in a good way. 

I made a quick trip to the cemetery to visit Kirk this weekend while I was home.  The back of his headstone, although it brings tears, also always makes me smile and motivates me.  Hagebakke Wrestling Forever.  Go big, or go home.  That’s what we do.  

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