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Friday, March 14, 2014


So I’ve been busy this week working off my carb and booze overload from girls weekend.  Phew! It’s like a straight detox up in here.  Yesterday was a great day. I worked out on the treadmill over lunch.  Left work and it was 60 degrees! Can I get a woot woot? Went home, ate a quick snack and then went out exploring the trails by our house. It was a little windy but the sunshine felt great and I got about 2 miles in.  Went to the Y and did an awesome pool class.  It was a lot of functional arm strength and swimming so I am feeling that in my shoulders today.  Feel the burn, love the burn. Went back home and the hubby had grilled me a nice lean pork chop. Then I went back to the gym to shoot some hoops for half an hour.  I ended up getting over 14,000 steps yesterday which made me happy. I’m slowly hacking away at Kara’s step lead.  I’m really loving my new fitbit flex and the ease of it syncing on my phone.

Speaking of grilling season, we had made these kabobs a few weeks back and they were awesome. If you’re looking for a delicious protein packed snack on the grill that isn’t a normal burger, check out these chicken, bacon, pineapple, teriyaki kabobs! If it stays nice this weekend we plan on doing lots of grilling out with the kids. And we have some projects to get done around the house before our company comes to town next weekend.  It will be busy but I plan on getting lots of steps, some sunshine and taking a little me time to work on my book. TGIF! Have a great weekend, everyone!  

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