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Thursday, March 13, 2014

New toy

Oh my goodness, I've been busy! Working, travel, working, travel. And then squeezing in workouts at night, working on my book and praying for spring and warm weather.  I finally got my new toy on Tuesday. I went and bought the Fitbit Flex.  Since they recalled the Force that I wanted it was that or wait another year for the new version of the Force to come out.  Patience isn't really a virtue I possess so I went with the Flex. I'm loving it! It doesn't have the display face I'm used to but it syncs to my phone which is always with me so it's great. I like wearing it on my wrist instead of clipping it to my bra.  Now I don't have to worry about forgetting it when I'm changing. Hooray! I was hoping for the violet color but Best Buy had 3 lime and one black. My skin tone doesn't really rock the lime so I went with black and figured that way, it goes with everything.

I didn't get crap for steps in this weekend. It was girls weekend up at the cabin. The roads were icy and cold so I couldn't get outside and explore the hills. And I spent my time yapping with my ladies instead of walking in place or doing an indoor workout.  I take ownership of that.  I also ate my weight in carbs and booze. Ouch! Talk about some serious water retention this week.  But oh did I have a wonderful time. I"m counting it as a face and ab workout.  When you laugh so hard that your abs hurt for two days, you know it was a perfect weekend.

It's supposed to be in the high 60's this afternoon so you can bet your buns I'll be running around outside, soaking up some Vitamin D, and trying out the trails by my casa.  Can't wait!

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