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Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 2 Fitness Challenge

Who is ready for the Week 2 Challenge??? It's going to be really similar to Week 1 with a little addition.

If you want to do it with us, here is this week's challenge:

30 minutes of cardio 3x’s for the week
100 sit ups
100 squats
50 push-ups

Each week challenge will run Thursday to Thursday.
*The squats and sits up can be broken up however someone likes. 5 days of 20 each. 33 3x’s in a week. 100 in one shot. 14 a day for everyday and 16 on one day. Whatever works for you. Just try to get 100 of each by next Thursday, plus your cardio. The push-ups can be broken up the same way.

Just make sure to let us know when you're done!!!  

I finished my squats, push-ups and sit-ups Sunday morning, and boy do my butt and thighs feel it. . I have one more 30 minute cardio left which I will do tonight.  

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