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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting a little cray-cray

Melody and I have been walking for over three years.  Every day over lunch we meet in the skywalks downtown and trek almost 2 miles together.  I look forward to it every day.  The days we can’t walk because of meetings or other work obligations, it feels like the universe tilts slightly outta wack.  It’s kind of like we’re Forest Gump-esque.  We just keep walking and walking and walking (because we would look really funny running through the skywalks in tube socks and sporting long beards). 

I say things are getting a little crazy around here because we didn’t walk today.  Ok, before you gasp in horror and think we are falling off the fun fitness with a partner wagon, hold on.  We didn’t walk today because we did a sculpt class.  We are fortunate enough to work for a wonderful company that offers a free gym and lots of fitness classes.  That’s right, Principal Financial Group rocks!! Anyway, today we took sculpt and man did we feel the burn...which should be interested for me as I’m doing wave power and water sculpt tonight at the Y.  Here’s hoping I can still move my arms this weekend.  Next week we’re replacing our Monday/Wednesday walks with Zumba class and Tuesday/Thursday with Sculpt.  Who knows, someday we may just branch out to box blast or boot camp. Stop the madness, right? 

My name is Lyndee. I have a problem.  I am a fitness class junkie.  


Melody Hageman said...

Bring on the fitness classes!!! I'm thinking they will slim the body a little quicker than the walk since I was a sweaty mess after Sculpt today! :)

Anonymous said...

Get gung ho... but don't burn out! :)

It is ok to get knocked down, as long as you get back up!

Be happy!