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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Punisher

Well, usually after a Thursday night workout I curse Scott for the soreness in my muscles on Friday and Saturday.  Today I woke up sore and couldn't even blame it on him.  I put myself through my own strength training on Sunday and Tuesday.  Plus, I shoveled 10 inches of heavy, wet snow last night for over half an hour to get my car unstuck in the driveway.  This morning, a few more inches had fallen and my car, Miss Olga the Alero, being the low rider that she is, thought it would be fun to repeat the tire spinning, trunk in the street and hood in the driveway but no one is going anywhere adventure.  So I shoveled again and boy are my shoulders sore!

It should make for an interesting training session tomorrow night since we always do lots of arms, shoulders and chest.  Plus, there will be a few Drake journalism students there doing a story on us.  Hopefully I can lift the weights Scott throws at us and not look like a total pansy in front of them.

I was supposed to have a lunch date with my lovely mother-in-law today but the snow has her stuck at home.  So Melody took our lunchtime walk to Subway since I didn't have anything to eat.  I decided to get the chipotle on my chicken sub instead of the fat free honey mustard I always get.  HUGE mistake.  When I got back to my desk and logged it I wanted to bang my head against a wall.  Guess how much the chipotle sauce added to my 640 calorie sandwich?  200 CALORIES and 20, yes 20, grams of fat!!! Epic fail in the condiment selection.  Yes, it was still a better choice than a pasta bar or big burger and fries but dang, skippy!

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