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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Race 6 coming up

This weekend is race 6 out of 13 for me.  It's always a bitter sweet one.  My family is doing the Dunkerton "Alive and Running" suicide race in honor of my cousin Kirk.  It's wonderful to spend time with my siblings and Uncle Mark.  It's great to participate in the lantern ceremony at dusk the night before and think of the loved ones we have lost. But it's hard to go through all the emotions of his suicide all over again each year.  Not that it's not on our mind all the time, but this is such a powerful weekend everything just comes flooding back.  This isn't a race for time or to set records.  It's a race to finish, bond with those around you and find strength to keep fighting for the memories of the loved ones that are gone.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can have a beautiful weekend together.

Spring Warrior is done. I'm down to training with Scott and Molly once a month.  It's safe to say that things feel a little out of wack as summer approaches.  Busy schedules, get togethers and weekends away from home always throw a wrench in my good eating.  I need to find a way to defeat those things and focus on me.  Wish me luck!

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